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Hotel Motel

Restaurant Package Insurance.

The restaurant industry is unique. That’s why we have important coverages for spoilage, food contamination shutdown and fire suppression to meet your insured’s needs. Combine this specialized coverage with other package coverages and your insured is protected with the best value available.


Get the protection of a blanket coverage limit that can include both physical property coverages (i.e., building and personal property) and business income coverage. This gives your insured the added security of a single limit of insurance for a covered loss, which is great for multiple locations.

If the fire suppression system for your cooking surfaces and exhaust ductwork is discharged to put out a fire our program provides $2,500 to recharge it. And there’s no deductible.

Provides $25,000* of coverage per building for spoilage of perishable stock.

$50,000 of coverage for loss of business income if the Health Department or another agency closes insured down due to food poisoning or suspected food poisoning. $5,000 Extra Expense coverage is also included.

Provides up to $25,000* for direct damage to the property due to power interruption.

Covers building and property against damage from the backup of sewers, drains or sumps. Newly Acquired or Constructed Property Automatically provides up to $1,000,000* for building coverage and $500,000* for business personal property for up to 90 days.


Safeco provides up to $10,000* for loss from theft, disappearance or destruction to money and securities on premises, and $5,000* off premises.
Higher limits may be purchased.

Optional Coverages:
Other products and services available

Whether your insured have no scheduled autos, a single auto or a full fleet, we have an auto policy to protect your insured’s business.


Are your liability limits high enough?

Liability judgments in the United States keep increasing. This may require your insured to buy higher limits of insurance than their primary policy provides. We can help you with a full line of umbrella and excess liability options to protect your insured.